Chakra Meditation

Relax and Center

When you are ready
picture tiny roots
coming out of the soles
of your feet and coming out
of the bottom of your spine
Feel them growing
and growing
Ex­tend them down through your chair
down through the floor all the way
down in­to the Earth
Visualize your roots
wrig­gling deep
deep in­to the ground
taking hold
connecting you very securely to
the center of the Earth

On the next in­halation
imagine that you can
breathe through your roots

And as you exhale
imagine yourself
releasing any tension
any toxins in your body
releasing down your roots
back into the Earth

And as you inhale
and your body feels lighter
more open
reverse the process
Draw energy up from the
Earth through your roots
just as you would draw
liquid up through a straw
Draw Earth’s energy up
up into your body

Exhale tensions
Exhale toxins
In­haleEarth’s healing ener­gy

Feel this energy gather
at the base of your spine
and poor in­to
your Root chakra
Visualize this chak­ra’s
energy as a red light
glowing in your body

When you are ready
al­low the energy from
the Earth to continue
flowing up your spine
un­til it comes to your
second chakra
the Sexual chakra
Located about two inches
below your navel
Feel it glowing
an orange light

Now in your own time
breath Earth’s energy
up in­to your
Solar Plexus chakra
Imagine a pulsing
yellow warmth in your
Solar Plexus

Like a fountain
Earth’s energy continues to
rise up in your body
Feel it flowing
in­to your Heart center now
Picture a beautiful
green light glowing
in the middle of your chest
as green and alive as
the spring

Let the energy continue
to rise up to a point
in your chest midway between
your Heart and your Throat chak­ra
an inch or so
beneath the clavicle
This is the Thymus chakra
Picture an a­quamarine
light there

Now let Earth’s energy rise
up in­to your throat and ears
Imagine a sky-blue light
shining within
Visualize an in­verted
triangle connec­ting
your ears and your throat

Next draw the energy
up into the middle of
your forehead
Feel a point of
in­digo light
a deep blue-violet
glowing within
your forehead

Now let Earth’s energy
rise all the way up to the very top of your head
This is your Crown chakra
Imagine the Crown chakra
a violet light pulsing
within and radiating
out from it.
Al­low the energy
to build in in­tensity.

Your Crown chakra
a spot which is about
an inch and a half
in diameter
begins to open

the Groun­ding energy
rising up from
the center of
the Earth
moving through each
of your chak­ras
in turn and
then erup­ting
out of the top of your head
in a great geyser of
li­quid light
As it surges up see it
flowing out, cascading down
all around you like a
foun­tain of light
clearing and clean­sing
your body balan­cing and
har­monizing all
your chakras

Keep breathing
gently and even
Sense all your chakras
filled with light

When you are ready
feel tendrils
branches of ener­gy
shooting out of
the top of your head
through the ceiling
all the way up
through the buil­ding
stretching up
in­to the sky
connecting you to
the moon
the sun
the planets
our solar system
to the stars
to the heavens

And as you nhale
breathe in he energy of
the heavens
Like a waterfall
feel this energy
pouring down
through these fibers
filling your
Crown chakra
so that it glows
with heavenly light

Chakra by chakra
let energy pour down
through your body
just as you
let it rise up
Let it fill with light
your Third Eye
your ears and Throat
your Thymus
your Heart
your Solar Plexus
your Sexual chak­ra
your Root chakra
Feel it pouring down
through your roots
washing down into the Earth
so that the planet too
begins to glow more brightly

Now the ener­gies of
Heaven and Earth
are flowing through
each chakra
weaving together
and linking your body
to the universe
Sense each of your chakras
all at once
Feel yourself as a rain­bow
of living light
connected to the universe
connected to the Creator
connected to
the Earth grounded

When you are ready
Notice your breathing
Become aware of your body
of the place where you are
Feel your heartbeat
Listen to all the sounds
around you
Slowly, very slowly
in your own time
open your eyes
look around you
look at your world