Integral Timeline of the Cosmos

This is a Work In Progress

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Ending of Earth

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Seventh post-Atlantean period

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Sixth post-Atlantean period

3573 AD

Ending of fifth post-Atlantean period

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The age of Oriphiel

This is the age succeeding the age of Michael

November 1879

On the astral plane: Michael defeated Mammon, the spirit of hindrances and darkness.

NB. On the physical plane this battle between Michael and Mammon has yet to be fought.


Beginning of the age of Michael

“The year 1879 is a most important turning point in the evolution of humankind because of an event that took place on the astral plane: since then our culture has taken a different direction.” (Rudolf Steiner, Esoteric Lesson, Berlin October 9, 1907)

Beginning of the War in Heaven.

During 1840 to 1879 “the war in heaven” took place between the Archangel Michael and the dark angels.


Beginning of the age of Gabriel


Christian RosenKreutz is elevated to a knight of the Rose Cross.

1413 AD

Beginning of fifth post-Atlantean period

1413 AD

Ending of Greece – Rome period


A spiritual stream began that reached its high point in 1549.

747 BC

Beginning of Greece – Rome period

2907 – 747 BC

Egypt – Babylon

5067 – 2907 BC

Ancient Persia

7227 – 5067 BC

Ancient India

10.000 years BC

End of Atlantis

Atlantis is engulfed by an enormous tsunami and disappears into the present Atlantic Ocean.

50.000 years BC


Beginning of human life on Atlantis.


Polarian era

Hyperborean era

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Beginning of Earth

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Old Moon

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Old Sun

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Old Saturn