The Twelve Virtues

The Twelve Virtues are virtues to be (daily) meditated upon and observed in one’s life.
Each month has a specific virtue.
N.B. In this exercise, a month begins on the 21st of the preceding month.
(For instance, April begins at March 21 and ends at April 21.)

Twelve Virtues

Devotion becomes the power of sacrifice.

Balance becomes progress.

Perseverance becomes faithfulness.

Unselfishness becomes catharsis.

Compassion becomes freedom.

Courtesy becomes steadiness of feeling.

Contentment becomes self-composure.

Patience becomes understanding.

Control of speech and thinking becomes a feeling for the truth and thinking
(minding one’s tongue).

Courage becomes the power of redemption.

Discretion becomes the power of meditation.

Magnanimity becomes love.