Remember Small Details


To strengthen the soul’s forces.

  1. Focus on a situation
  2. Make a big effort to recall small details

Let’s say you want to remember a situation where you were walking down a shopping street. 

In that case you should try to remember how the rows of shops ran, which store windows you passed, the people you met, how they and you looked.
If you went into a store, see yourself going into that store, recall which sales lady came towards you, her face, the clothes she had on, how she spoke, moved, etc.

  • This exercise is related to (supports) the Evening Retrospect exercise
  • You can do this exercise at any moment of the day where you have some spare time, while commuting to work, waiting for somebody, etc.
  • The situation you focus on doesn’t has to be a very important situation. It is even better to recall less important situations that didn’t interest you that much and are therefore more difficult for you to remember.