Evening Retrospect

  • To learn to read the Akashic record.
  • Do this exercise in the evening, just before you go to sleep.
  1. Review the scenes of the day in reverse order. Examine the events of:
    1. the evening
    2. the afternoon
    3. the forenoon
    4. the morning
  2. Picture to yourself — as faithfully as possible — each scene and all that took place in each pictured scene.
  3. Review your moral attitude in relation to each scene:
    1. How do you judge your actions?
    2. Did you do it right; could you have done it better?
    3. Conveyed your words the meaning you intended or did your words give a false impression?
    4. In relating experiences to others, did you overstate or understate them?
  4. Regarding the wrongs you have done.
    1. Take full responsibility
    2. Think:
      I couldn’t do otherwise back then, but now I can do it better and I will do it better in future.
  5. Regarding the good you have done
    1. Approve — impersonally — of the good you have done.
    2. Determine to do still better.
  1. The evening retrospect is an important, indispensable exercise.
  2. To become better at remembering details you could, during the day, practice the Remember Small Details exercise.
  3. Some raw background notes