Relax Your Body


Take care to adopt such a position of the body that the body itself cannot (because of fatigue, for instance) be a cause of distraction.


Let each breath start deep
in your stomach
then expand your rib cage
and fill your lungs
Feel the air moving into
your stomach the way
water fills a vase
from the bottom
Exhale slowly
So gently that your breath
could bring to life
a flame from a tiny spark
glowing in twigs


the soles of your feet
your heels
your insteps
your whole feet

your ankles
your calves
your shin
your knees
your thighs
your hips
your whole legs

your thumbs
your fingers
your palms
your whole hands

your wrists
your lower arms
your elbows
your upper arms
your armpits
your whole arms

your perineum
your buttocks
your lower back
up the spine
your shoulder blades
your neck
the back of your head
the top of your head
your forehead
your temples
your eyebrows
at the root of the nose
your eyelids
your eyes
your ears
your nose
your lips
your mouth
your teeth
your tongue
your chin
your jaw
your cheeks
your whole face

your throat
your larynx
your shoulders
your torso
your chest
your solar plexus
your stomach
your navel
your abdomen
your groin
your pubis

your whole body