Bath scene

Relax and Center

You are walking down a long hall of mirrored walls and red light past room after room after room.
Come to a large basin around which are tall Greek columns.
In the basin are nude women.
Stand beside the basin.
Feel steam, wet and warm, but the air is crystal clear.
There does not appear to be water in the basin.
Walk down the steps leading into the basin.
It feels like walking into hot water.
Feel the motion of water against your body like a whirlpool.
Feel wet moisture on your face.
Wipe your forehead with your hand.
Look at your hand.
It looks dry but feels wet and warm.

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Walk out of the basin into a room with mosaic walls.
It feel like hot water shooting on you, running down your body.
Smell chlorine.
See nothing but an empty room.
Leave this area.

Enter a large, dark, carpeted chamber.
Lie down on a huge bed.
Nude female bodies embrace you.
They are young, strong, supple.
They feel you with passion.
Some sit at your feet and kiss your ankless; some kiss your knees and thighs.
One sucks raptly at your penis; others kiss your chest and arms and belly, a few kiss your eyes and mouths and ears.
Bodies massage you, caress you, make love to you.
And while your are smothered in this avalanche of love, the lady working on your penis sucks and sucks and you climax in her mouth as softly and slowly and blissfully as a single snowflake falling.