Garden scene

Relax and center

You are standing, gazing intently at a brilliant red sun hovering near the horizon
Now close your eyes.

Begin to see leaves of brilliant green, shimmering in the moonlight.
You are suddenly in the middle of a vast garden, a garden that stretches for miles and miles.
It is midnight
It is midsummer.
The moon is full and silver, the sky clear, filled with stars.
The air is warm and balmy.
Hear the low, soft rustle of a breeze through the leaves.

You are walking down a path on either sides of which are tall orange trees laden with oranges.
They glow phosphorescent in the moonlight, brilliant orange against deep green folioage.
The oranges are ripe.
They hang heavy from their branches.
There are oranges on the ground.
The sweet scent of oranges permeates the air.

Reach up.
Pick an orange.
Feel the coarse outer surface of the peel.
Now you peel the fruit.
Feel the soft, moist inner surface.
Bite into tha orange.
The sweet orange juice squirts into your mouth.

You continue walking.
Suddenly you come to an intersection, where two paths cross.
You turn right, going down a path on either side of which are lemon trees.
Pick a lemon.
Peel it.
Smell the sour, lemony fragrance of the rind.
Bite into the lemon.
The sour lemon juice spurts into your mouth. Your cheeks pucker, the saliva flows, as you suck the sour lemon juice.

And you continue walking.
Next, you come to a long, descending white marble staircase, glistening in the moonlight.
You begin to descend the stairs.
Each step downward you go deeper and deeper relaxed.
When you reach the base of the stairs you will be in a profound state of relaxation.

You are now standing at the base of the stairs.
Before you is a massive marble pool.
All aroubd the pool are red, and white, and yellow roses, velvety soft in the moonlight, covered with dew.
The sweet smell of roses is heavy in the air.

Remove your clothes.
Glide into the cool liquid of the pool.
The water is filled with millions of rose petals.
Float, buoyant on your back in the rose water, gazing up at the stars.

Now you get out of the water.
The cool night air touches your wet skin, send chills down your back.
Gooseflesh appears.

You smell sweet smoke.
Turn in the direction from which the smoke is coming.
See a forested area at the far side of the pool.
Walk toward it.
Pass through the trees.
There before you is a blazing bonfire of burning leaves.
It smells like autumn.
It smells like fall.
You lie down in a bed of dry, warm leaves … the sweet scent of earth beneath you, the night sky above you.
You drift, you float, you dream …. that midsummer night.