Personal Protection

Cocoon of White Light
Surround yourself with a positive energy field. To do this, close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded with brilliant white light. Make sure this “cocoon” of white light extends behind you as well as in front of you, and all the way down to your feet. The white light has the power to dissolve all negativity. It acts as a shield.

Protective shield of Light
1. Relax, knowing you have nothing to fear from your enemies
2. Visualize the room you are in as filled with bright sunlight. See the sunlight surrounding you with brilliance.
3. Create an imaginary rheostat. It brightens the light when you turn it clockwise.
4. Turn the rheostat clockwise. See the light getting whiter and more brilliant. Feel it as a warm protective love around you.
5. Turn back the rheostat to its original position. End your relaxation, feeling safer than you ever felt before

I am open to the best and closed to the undesirable
I am protected by the love of God