Temple of Light

Relax and Center

Transport yourself to a beautiful meadow covered with brightly colored wildflowers.
Create the flutter of the monarch butterflies, listen to the whir of the hummingbirds, and inhale the sweet fragrance of wild jasmin and the pungent smells of juniper and pine.
A mountain stream is running through this meadow as it cascades down into the valley.
Dip your hands into it and taste its pure, sweet water.
Look up to the top of the mountain beside this valley and identify the path that winds to the top.
You will find the trail just over the small wooden bridge where you cross the stream.
Begin to climb.
Move slowly, savoring each turn of the path with wildflowers blooming at your feet and small animals scampering to safety.
As you reach the top of the mountain, you see this temple, a simple structure with one great room, closed to the outside world with a glass dome as roof.
You make a gesture with your hands or head that symbolizes your recognition of this temple as an unfinished masterpiece that is still under construction, and your commitment to add to its light, its beauty, and its power.
As you approach the temple, you find yourself sensitive to its finer vibration, which illuminates the whole area.
You walk around the temple until you become accustomed to its electromagnetic energy.
As you shift your inner creative vision into its higher vibration of light, look for the main entrance. Notice its texture, color, and shape.
Look on the door for the carved letters surrounded by symbols, and trace them with your fingers. You may feel as if they have been there for a very long time, hand carved in times that you have forgotten.
Before you step inside, you listen to the temple chimes and bells.
You decide that in this temple you can learn the deeper purpose of life and begin to understand who you really are and why you are here.
Grasp the door knob and slowly turn it until the door opens.
Step inside the entrance, and behold your temple, shining with an inner light, quiet, peaceful, and in harmony with your soul.
You enter this huge, circular room.
Look at the ceiling. It’s a glass dome, a clear, transparant bubble.
The neight is clear, the sky filled with stars.
Look at the windows; See the walls and the floor of black marble, and notice the details of everything before you move into the center of the room.
When you look more closely at the black walls beautiful colors become apparent.
Make each color pure and transparant.
Brighten or soften the colors to harmonize with the space.
There may be short burst of light or a luminious glow as if from within the walls.
In the middle of the room there is a large, round bed.
And you can add other furnishings, such as a lovely painting, a beautiful gemstone, or anything else that complements the temple.

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